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Glazing, Window and Doors Installations

We provide glazing installation services in London and The South East
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At Thames Windows and Doors Ltd we pride ourselves on our customer service. Our teams have years of experience in glass and glazing and a dedicated carpenter on each team leaving you with the best finish possible.

We offer an glazing installation services across all of London, Surrey and the South East areas.

Every customer will have their own Account manager who will personally oversee the entirety of your glazing project including the survey, ordering, delivery, installation and sign off.

Our recommended installation teams include a carpenter to ensure the highest quality internal finish and are all fully qualified up to a MTC/NVQ level.

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The Importance of Professional Glazing Installation

Glazing installation, which involves the professional fitting of windows and doors in your property, is a critical aspect of any construction or renovation project. This intricate task of window installation, door installation, and more, involves much more than just setting up a glass structure in an opening. It's about ensuring thermal efficiency, optimal light, aesthetic appeal, and above all, the safety and security of your London home or office.

The quality of a glazing installation can significantly affect the performance and longevity of your windows and doors. This is why it should always be carried out by a professional team of window and door installers, such as the Velfac approved installers at Thames Windows and Doors. Expert installers not only ensure precision in fitting but also provide valuable advice on the type of glazing suitable for your specific needs.

The Glazing Installation Process 

The glazing installation process is a meticulously executed sequence of steps that is designed to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your windows and doors. The Thames Windows and Doors team prides itself on its attention to detail, ensuring each stage of installation is undertaken with precision and professionalism. 

Assessment and Measurement

Before the actual window installation, our team of window fitters London trusts, assesses your property and takes precise measurements of the existing window or door spaces. This critical first step ensures that the new glazing fits perfectly into the architectural layout of your home or office.

Selection of Windows and Doors

Once the assessment and measurement are completed, we help you select the right windows and doors based on your specific needs. Our extensive selection includes a wide range of styles and materials, each with unique advantages. The selection process includes consideration of factors such as thermal efficiency, security, sound insulation, and aesthetic preferences.

Removal of Existing Windows and Doors

The next step in the glazing installation process involves the careful removal of your existing windows or doors. This step is handled with utmost care to avoid any damage to the surrounding structures and ensure a smooth installation process for the new windows and doors.

Installation of New Glazing

Once the space is prepared, the actual installation begins. The new window or door is fitted into the opening, ensuring a perfect fit. We pay meticulous attention to the alignment to ensure that the new windows and doors are installed level and square.

Sealing and Finishing

After the windows and doors are installed, they are sealed thoroughly. This is a critical step in the glazing installation process as it ensures airtightness and watertightness, preventing any potential leaks and enhancing the thermal efficiency of the installation. The last step involves the finishing touches, such as the installation of handles and other accessories, to ensure the new installation aligns with your property's aesthetic.

Quality Check and Cleanup

Once the installation is completed, a comprehensive quality check is performed to ensure the window or door operates smoothly and that all seals and finishes are correctly applied. The last step in our window installation service is the cleanup. We take pride in leaving your property clean and tidy, disposing of the old windows and doors and any installation debris, allowing you to enjoy your new windows and doors without any additional hassle.

When Does Glazing Need to Be Replaced

Recognising when your glazing needs to be replaced is vital for maintaining your property's thermal efficiency and security. Tell-tale signs include draughts around your windows, condensation between the panes of glass, difficulty in opening or closing your windows and doors, and visible damage to the frames or glass.

The Benefits of Glazed Windows

Glazed windows and doors offer many benefits that enhance the comfort and value of your property. They improve thermal efficiency, reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, thereby lowering energy bills. They also reduce noise pollution, enhance security, and improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. Anyone seeking to improve their property’s energy efficiency, security, and aesthetic appeal would greatly benefit from glazed windows and doors.

Why Choose Thames Windows and Doors?

As window fitters, London, Thames Windows and Doors stands out as the best choice for your window installation services. We are the window installers near me you've been seeking, committed to providing high-quality products and impeccable customer service. Contact us today for your windows and doors installation. We're the window installation London locals rely on, and we're ready to enhance your property's appeal and efficiency.

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The Glazing Installation Process

The glazing installation process is a meticulously executed sequence of steps that is designed to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your windows and doors. The Thames Windows and Doors team prides itself on its attention to detail, ensuring each stage of installation is undertaken with precision and professionalism.

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