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Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most commonly used window system in the London area. Thames Windows and Doors Ltd have spent years researching all of the window systems available in the UK and Europe as we are well aware of the high standards our customers demand. Whether you live in a listed property in upmarket Chelsea, London or you are building your new home in Surrey, we're sure you will find what you're looking for at Thames windows and Doors Ltd.

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Casement Style Windows


Casement style windows are a firm favourite with homeowners. With a simple, timeless design, casement windows can be adapted to suit a range of architectural styles. Whether it’s traditional UPVC casement windows, timber casement windows or heritage aluminium windows, they bring style, practicality and convenience to any home.


With outstanding, high-quality design using the latest techniques available from manufacturers such as Velfac and Rationel, casement windows continue to be the preferred choice for different styles and periods of property.


What is it about these longstanding favourites that still make them such a great choice?


Versatility and Classic Style Combined


Casement windows have a classic design that can be hinged at the side or the top and will usually be fitted in single or double panels. The windows are attached to the frame by at least one hinge and are operated using a lever or crank mechanism.


They are available in a range of configurations such as single or double panels, to suit different properties and windows. Side-hung casement windows that are side-hinged with the window swinging outwards to open are the most popular, but a range of alternative styles are available.


Double frame windows, sometimes known as French casement, consist of two panels that are both side hung. The window will feature a central mullion with the window handles meeting in the centre. The panes open outwards to create a large opening.


Other options include top or bottom-hung windows, flush casements with a sleek frame where the window sits flush in the frame when it’s closed, and fixed casement windows that don’t open. A sliding casement window replaces the hinge with a sliding mechanism. Casement windows come in a range of sizes, with large casement windows being a popular choice for added light. Triple casement windows are a way to elegantly divide larger window spaces.


Maximising Light and Ventilation


The simplicity and appeal of casement windows have stood the test of time due to a range of factors. Casement windows allow homeowners to maximise the amount of light in their homes while allowing for effective control of ventilation levels. They provide unobstructed views of the outside world, helping to create bright and airy living environments.


With slim, unobtrusive frames, they allow more natural light to flood into the room. This makes them an excellent choice for the UK, where shorter winter days can make homes gloomy. Casement timber windows are a popular choice in period properties, while newer homes may prefer the easy care and maintenance of UPVC casement windows.


Casement Windows from Thames Windows & Doors


At Thames Windows & Doors, we supply and install replacement casement windows for our clients in London and across the South East. We can advise about the options available, and how best to enhance the appearance of your home while achieving improved thermal efficiency. We enable you to enjoy contemporary window design that enhances the appearance of your property.


We only work with the UK’s leading manufacturers, giving you complete confidence in the quality of the windows that we install.


If you’re considering casement windows for your home, then call 020 7205 2444 or email for advice and a free quote.


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