Heritage Windows

Heritage Windows

As the name suggests, heritage windows are a type of window design that reflects the appearance of windows in earlier periods. They are crafted with care and precision to replicate the appeal of windows from different historical periods, typically these will be Victorian, Georgian or Arts and Crafts styles but in some cases can be more contemporary. While retaining the appearance of windows from the past they can also incorporate modern advances in materials and window technology.


Heritage windows are a great choice in a range of properties providing a unique blend of the traditional with modern functionality.

Why choose Heritage Windows?

Heritage windows are frequently fitted in period and listed properties where they help to maintain the historical visual appeal of the building. However, heritage windows are not just for older properties. They can also help to create a classic, elegant look on a more recently built home.

For listed properties and those in conservation areas, heritage windows allow property owners to enjoy some of the benefits of contemporary window design and technology. This means better temperature regulation in the home and reduced energy consumption, ultimately resulting in lower running costs for the property. Contemporary heritage windows also provide superior soundproofing to older windows, something which can be particularly beneficial in busy urban areas.

Heritage windows can be customised to suit different architectural styles and have a range of profiles, styles and shapes. A variety of glazing options are also available, giving homeowners an extensive choice of options for their property.

Whether you’re restoring and upgrading a period property or renovating a contemporary space, heritage windows provide a touch of classic elegance and can enhance the character of your property.

What styles of heritage windows are available?

Heritage windows are available in a wide range of style options. They can be manufactured to match earlier architectural styles, allowing you to maintain the appearance of your property while enjoying the benefits of contemporary design and functionality.

Sash windows are a popular choice for Victorian and Georgian architecture. Sliding panels give your windows the air of classic refined simplicity.

Casement windows were popular during the Arts and Crafts movements and open outward on hinges. They often include decorative leaded glass.

Bay and bow windows were popular throughout the Victorian and Edwardian periods and into the 20th century. They create space and visual interest, making them a perennial favourite with a wide variety of property owners.

Heritage Windows from Thames Windows & Doors

At Thames Windows & Doors, we have extensive experience supplying and installing heritage windows for our clients. We can advise about the options available, and how you can enjoy the benefits of contemporary window design without compromising the appearance of your property.

We only work with selected leading manufacturers, giving you complete confidence in the quality of the windows that we install.

If you’re looking for stylish, practical and sympathetic heritage-style windows for your property, then call us on 020 7205 2444 or use the contact enquiry form below for advice and a free quote.

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