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Aluminium windows are a great modern way to upgrade your property’s thermal value

With such a sporadic climate in the UK, Aluminium windows are perfect as they have next to no maintenance, Low “U” values and very pleasing kerb appeal.

The aluminium casement window system is perfect for residential or commercial projects as replacement windows for existing properties, and for installations into new buildings. Aluminium windows are available in any RAL colour and we will help you choose the right colour and performance values to achieve your dream home. Our Slim line options leave you with minimal frame and maximum natural light.

Aluminium Casement

Popular Aluminium Casement Windows

There are several aluminium choices for you including aluminium casements, aluminium sliding sash, aluminium flush casements, heritage aluminium (to replicate steel windows) and many more. if you're looking to modernise your property or need windows for your new build the casement windows are the most popular choice.

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Aluminium Casement Windows

Popular and Efficient

Aluminium casement windows have become increasingly popular, combining durability, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. These windows are an excellent choice for modern construction and renovations, offering a range of benefits over traditional materials. In this article, we explore various aspects of aluminium casement windows, comparing them with other types such as vinyl or wood, and discuss customisation options, energy efficiency, and more.

Durability of Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium casement windows are notably more durable compared to their vinyl or wood counterparts. Aluminium, as a material, is inherently strong, resistant to warping, and unaffected by environmental factors like humidity and temperature changes. Unlike wood, aluminium casement windows do not rot or succumb to pest infestations, and they don't require the frequent repainting that wooden frames do. Moreover, aluminium's robustness ensures a longer lifespan, making it a cost-effective option in the long run.

Maintenance of Metal Casement Windows

Maintaining aluminium casement windows is relatively hassle-free. Unlike wood, which requires regular painting and sealing, aluminium windows need minimal upkeep. Routine maintenance includes simple cleaning with a mild detergent and water to remove dirt and debris. It's also advisable to check and lubricate the hinges and locks occasionally to ensure smooth operation. The low maintenance aspect makes aluminium casement windows an attractive option for homeowners looking for a blend of functionality and ease of care.

Energy Efficiency and Double Glazing

One of the significant advantages of aluminum casement windows is their energy efficiency. Many come with double glazing, which adds an extra layer of insulation, reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. This feature not only makes your home more comfortable but also contributes to lower energy bills. Additionally, advancements in thermal break technology have further enhanced the energy efficiency of aluminum casement windows, making them a suitable option for eco-conscious homeowners.

Customisation in Colour and Finish

Customisation is another strong suit of metal casement windows. They can be powder-coated in a wide range of colours and finishes, allowing for personalisation to suit different architectural styles. One popular colour choice is Ral 7016, a sleek anthracite grey that adds a contemporary touch to any home. The flexibility in customising the colour and finish ensures that these windows can complement various design aesthetics, from traditional to modern.

Sound and Heat Insulation

Aluminium casement windows are excellent at providing sound and heat insulation. The combination of tight seals, quality glazing, and robust construction helps in reducing external noise, making them ideal for homes in busy areas. In terms of heat insulation, the thermal break technology used in these windows minimises heat transfer, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment and contributing to energy savings.

Matching Home Style

Whether your home is a traditional Victorian or a contemporary minimalist design, aluminium casement windows can be tailored to match its style. The versatility in design, colour, and finish options ensures that these windows blend seamlessly with your home's architecture, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Choosing Thames Windows and Doors

When considering aluminium casement windows, Thames Windows and Doors stands out as a premier choice. Known for their quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer-focused service, they offer a range of aluminium casement window options to suit various needs and preferences. Their expertise in providing tailor-made solutions ensures that each installation is unique and aligns perfectly with the customer's requirements.

Additional Offerings by Thames Windows and Doors

Apart from specialising in aluminium and steel casement windows, Thames Windows and Doors offers an extensive portfolio of products. This includes a variety of window styles, door designs, and glazing options, catering to different functional and aesthetic needs. Their commitment to using high-quality materials and the latest technologies ensures that every product they offer is not just visually appealing but also durable and efficient.

Aluminium casement windows present a blend of durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic flexibility, making them a superior choice for modern homes. With companies like Thames Windows and Doors providing expert installation and a range of customisable options, homeowners can effortlessly enhance the comfort, style, and value of their properties.

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